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[13 Aug 2017|01:44pm]

The more certain sections of the MCU fandom tell me to hate Sharon Carter, the more I'm determined to love her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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emily vancamp (marvel cinematic universe)!
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[13 Aug 2017|01:39pm]

It's good that he thought ahead and brought his aviator sunglasses into space with him.

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richard madden (oasis, "pilot")!
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[11 Aug 2017|06:06am]

The female PB icons that I had managed to download before Photobucket's latest fuck-up are now updated. The male PB icons are also updated, and both directory pages are up to date. With regards to the female icons I did not manage to get downloaded, I am still working on trying to download those, once I figure out how to get them downloaded without half of the icons downloading as that shitty ransom demand to upgrade my account for $400 a year. Those galleries are still in the directory as I do intend to get them eventually.

I likely will not try to reupload the comics sets (except maybe the A-Babies vs. X-Babies, because it was adorable), movie/tv sets, or random sets. A lot of those are outdated, duplicates, or can be easily remade if I need to.

As with the male icons, some sets will not get put back up, and I have removed those sets from this journal. A list of those sets is below. If anyone would like to re-request a specific PB on this list or the male list, that is fine. They will just be entirely new, not be fighting Photobucket to download old icons!

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[06 Aug 2017|07:08pm]

Making these icons makes me wish I RP-ed more Gryffindors because he would make an amazing Lee Jordan.

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daveed diggs (unbreakable kimmy schmidt)!
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[06 Aug 2017|07:02pm]

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daveed diggs (black-ish)!
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[04 Aug 2017|09:48am]


This was way back in the old days of GJ in Harry Potter-verse. I used Romola Garai for Mandy Brocklehurst, and you used Diego Luna for an original character (whose name is on the tip of my tongue). Basically they were in a romance that should be been ~forbidden~ because he was a young teacher in his first year at Hogwarts. He had been a few years ahead of her, they had both been in Ravenclaw, and had been friends for years before that. If I remember correctly, we took them to a couple of different games. If you're still around I'd love to start that back up.

Also, whoever had the AIM login ~blkassassin? Are you still around? That would have been even farther back when AOL was popular and there were tons of Rhy'Din-related chat rooms.
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