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Longport [19 Jul 2018|06:36pm]


Anyone still around from [info]longport

I used [info]kittf username for a long time with Gerard Way's face.

I'm pretty sure everyone stopped playing around 10 years ago so this is a long shot.

[info]longport had so much history which made everyone's characters seem so real. It was my favorite RP game I've ever been in and I still think about some storylines I had there. I miss everyone.
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[15 Jul 2018|01:01pm]

Screencaps by [info]capseroo!

alexandra shipp (love, simon)!
one hundred and ninety-two icons )
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[15 Jul 2018|12:57pm]


chris evans (captain america: the winter soldier)!
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[08 Jul 2018|04:49pm]

For all of your modern-day!Daenerys Targaryen needs, idk.

emilia clarke!
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[08 Jul 2018|04:43pm]

Ant-man and the Wasp is an excellent movie, everyone should go see it.

evangeline lilly!
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[08 Jul 2018|04:38pm]


godfrey gao!
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